Meet the Sages



Candice Lovelace is learning how to cook with an electric stove...sometimes literally but mostly figuratively.  

People have always told her she moves slowly, and she's finally coming to realize just how much that's an asset rather than a handicap.

"Understanding who you are and learning how to be a loyal friend to that person, not to the person who you wish to be, is the most important step in living your best life." 

No one knows where she's from; she has a Georgia social security card and an Alabama birth certificate.




Keriki Purkiss is a quick witted, sage influencer with an affinity for all things lifestyle.

Raised in both Atlanta, Georgia and Kingston, Jamaica (thanks Mom) and having traveled to many countries, she enjoys learning about new cultures.

She believes that everyday is different and that in order to move forward in your journey you need a little forgiveness and a little faith.

"Cheers to knowing what you want to do in life and having the courage to just do it." -Keriki