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7 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Like They are at a Hotel

7 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Like They are at a Hotel

Summer is in full swing so the guests are still piling into your home especially if you live in a popping city or a coastal haven!  I figured it would be great to share with you what I do to prepare my spare rooms for the influx of guests so that each of them feel right at home. 

All of the tips on this list make your guests feel welcome and they let them know you are glad to have them in your home.


Make their bedrooms look like a hotel room.

If your guests weren't staying at your home, they would probably be in a nice hotel room, so why not decorate it as such?

You don't have to opt in to white linens and towels, but don't give your guests the not-so-nice stuff just because it's not your room. 

I opted for two different color palettes for my guest rooms, but I stuck to the white hotel towel and linen theme.  The color palette for my downstairs guest room is teal, purple, and green with darker wood furniture.  The color palette for my upstairs guest room is red and grey.  Both of these palettes extend to the bathroom. 

When guests walk in they automatically feel comfortable and at home.


Stock the refrigerator with fruit and water.

I am a devout meal prepper, and I don't like to share my meal prepped food with anyone else, because there just is not enough for more than me (this is my "I live alone and I love it" syndrome). 

If you intend to cook for your guests during their stay, then make sure there is grab and go food for them in case they get hungry in between meals.  I love to have fruit and water in the refrigerator for them.  I also started putting two glasses and a glass jug of water in their rooms on the nightstand in case they need water in the middle of the night and do not want to go all the way to the kitchen (I have way too many steps.)


Give them their own access to your home.

Give your guests a key.

Maybe they want to go outside without having to bother you or maybe they want some time alone while visiting. Whatever the reason is, have the key made before their arrival; don't be an annoying host. 

When my guests come in town, I have them text/call me when they leave/arrive so that I can turn the alarm on/off. Just because you have guests doesn't mean safety is no longer paramount; because it still is. 

I mean do you really want to show up to your house with people inside your home searching for Pokémon? No.


Put extra blankets and towels on their bed.

I don't know what people need or want as a guest, so I maximize my efforts up front so that they don't have to ask me later (really so I don't have to be bothered. LOL.) 

Here's what you can give them to make them feel cozier than ever; two bath towels, two wash cloths, two extra blankets, and even linen spray, because spraying after they get ready in the morning will give them that good old hotel feeling.

Write down the Wi-Fi passcode for them.

Two nifty options for the Wi-Fi passcode; either write it on a pretty piece of paper and pace it on their pillow or text it to them when they arrive. 

Bonus idea; I have a chalkboard wall in my dining room and kitchen where I can also write the Wi-Fi passcode or any other cool welcome messages!


Place a candle and a lighter on their night stand.

Just in case they love candles or if they want to air out the bathroom *side eye* give them a chance to do so discreetly. Place the candles, incense, or air freshener into the room beforehand to save everyone from embarrassment.


Have extra toiletries handy in case they forgot something.

I was checking out Pinterest one day and saw where someone packed a travel size toiletry bag for their guests and placed it in a basket on the guest bed.  This is such a neat idea. 

At your local Walmart, there are pre-packaged travel kits for both men and women for under $6.00. I think that it is so worth it to have this available for your guests in case they forgot something.


Some other neat things you could do include:

Hanging bath robes in the guest bathrooms

Placing small fans in the closets

Investing in a luggage rack for the guest rooms

Whatever you choose to do, remember you aren't doing this for you; you want your guests to feel like this is a home away from home for the length of their stay. How long they stay is up to you! I

f you enjoyed these tips or have any more guest room suggestions drop us a line on Instagram @fullofsage :-)


- Keriki




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