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5 Things To Do On The Edge Of #AllSummer16

5 Things To Do On The Edge Of #AllSummer16

Good people, the use of this hashtag will officially be obsolete in T-30ish days. 

Judging by the shirt, even Drake is getting ready to make that change.

Use it while you can, and while you’re at it, do some of these amazing things before it’s either too cold or too late.


1.    Learn to Grow Your Own Food

It’s a gift to yourself (and others) that keeps on giving.  Take a 1-month, weekends only class or 1-day workshop and gain knowledge that will surely follow you all the days of your life.


The Truly Living Well Center for Urban Agriculture in Atlanta will hold the Urban Grower’s Boot Camp over 3 weekends from Sep 18-Oct 7, 2016.


2.    Enjoy Live Music Outside

Parlaying with your friends, a couple blankets, good food, good drink and beautiful music under the sun and stars will go down as one of your favorite days this year.  I promise.  

Go for one of  these events:

OneMusicFest (OMF) – Sep. 10th – Atlanta, GA

Life Is Beautiful – Sep. 23-25th – Las Vegas, NV

or keep it low key at your local park with Tidal anytime!


3.    Research the Issues Going on in the World

If politics, social justice issues and environmental concerns haven’t been your M.O., consider that lifestyle a thing of the past.  With all that’s going on in the world, tragedy and the need for change is touching us all.  As G.I. Joe said, knowing is half the battle.  So, it’s time…time to pay attention to world challenges, search yourself and see where you stand on these matters and finally see what you can do about them.  It’ll take all of us to make improvement.  


4.    Have A Kickback

Speaking of the mess happening outside your door, time at home with friends may be just what all of us needs.  Have some wine, tasty food (light or comforting), put the music on and simply enjoy each other's company.  Say ahhhhh.


5.     See Water

For centuries, exposure to naturally-occurring bodies of water has been dubbed essential to human health.  Though several thought-provoking studies and articles have recently emerged on the topic, if you’ve spent quiet time at a waterfall or in the blue ocean, you don’t need science or media to tell you much about how soothing the presence of water can be to your soul. 

So, if only for a little while, take in the sight and feel of water soon.  You don’t have to pay a lot of money or take a lot of time off work.  A mini day trip or weekend road trip could do the trick.


Squeeze a little more goodness into this summer and be ready to greet fall with accomplishment and good vibes.


My Best to You,


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