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Alex Elle

Alex Elle

You’d think 279k Instagram followers would knock even the humblest person off her humility square. 


Not this girl.


Alexandra Elle [@alex_elle] is real...heart on sleeve real.  She speaks openly in her blog and social media posts about her personal challenges; struggling with self-worth, being a teenage mother, managing the pain of miscarriage and, regardless of how stinking perfect they look, that she and her (brand new) husband are far from it and have absolutely worked for theirs.


Aside from being her unaltered self (and a gorgeous self that is) Alex is so popular for:

1.    Being a very vocal proponent for self-care, self-love and building strong interpersonal relationships.

2.    Writing and publishing beautiful poetry.

3.    Authoring journals for introspection and reflection.


Also, people are out here tattooing her words on their bodies, so...there's that.


If you’re in the DC area, go ahead and make us jealous by attending one of her pop up self-care events.

Otherwise, soak up her serene IG and feel ease and clarity wash over you. 

Next, be blessed by her blog at anthrsndy.com.  

Make use of the tools there, like the self-care calendar and love-building worksheet, try out some of her nourishing, vegan recipes, or simply feel completely understood when she explains your exact feelings or gives tips to meet your exact needs. 

Alex is magical, and her life is beautiful because she makes it so.  The other good news is she wants your life to be beautiful too if you'll accept her help.  


Thank you, Alex, for being so damn sage.



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