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Self-Care Morning Ritual

Self-Care Morning Ritual

What is self-care? 

Self-care means that you deliberately, self-initiate, caring for yourself; this can be in the form of meditation, exercise, being in a space by yourself, etc.   

When you have a busy schedule, self-induced or otherwise, it is easy to overlook yourself. This means that you are doing so much for others that you forget to take out time to care for yourself without anyone else being involved.  

If you are a fitness junkie or you want to be a fitness junkie, I have found that the best time to initiate self-care is right before and after working out.  It is the best time for you to take a pause because 1) you are already doing something for yourself (exercise) and 2) you can do it first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, or right before you go to bed.  

Below is a morning ritual that may be worth your while to practice:  

Soothing alarm goes off (no snooze). There is nothing worse than waking up to a blaring horn going off in your bedroom. I don’t know how people do that; it puts me in a state of immediate anxiety. No thanks.  

Meditation and/or Prayer. Set your intentions for the day and give thanks to God for guiding you every day that you wake up. This makes me feel calm and gets me prepared to conquer the day.  

Bible Study. Creating a plan for yourself to learn and study the word can really help you see why you should be grateful for what you already have. You Version already has plans that are set for you to study and you can set a reminder through the app so that you can study every day.  

Journaling. Journaling can be very soothing. It is a release. It does not matter what time of day that you write in your journal, the same effects take place. Writing in the morning is your release from yesterday. Writing in the afternoon or evening is your release from today. Cause: looking to release. Effect: conquer the day, the rest of the day, or tomorrow without anger, regret, sadness, etc.  

Search our blog below for all of our journaling tips:


Make your bed. Pulling the sheets back, placing the pillows back onto your bed, and leaving your room neat can inadvertently make you feel that your life is in order. Coming home at the end of the day to a clean bedroom can help ease the feeling that your life is too busy and chaotic.  

Brush your teeth and wash your face. I know that this should go without saying, however, there are times in the morning when you're REALLY exhausted because you did not get enough sleep and you wait until you come back from the gym to do this. Don't wait. Do it beforehand and if your mouth feels nasty after the gym, do it again; it won't hurt.  

Exercise. Feeling euphoric. Energizing yourself. Feeling Better. Why not exercise? For me, I feel amazing after exercising, like I can conquer the world.  In the mornings I run or lift weights and in the evenings, I do yoga.  

Take a shower or bath. When you clean yourself, you feel clean, you look clean, you're a badass clean mutha..... 

Cheers to morning rituals, taking care of yourself, and ensuring that you are in top mental and physical shape so that you can continue on your fitness journey.  


---Don't forget to refuel--- 


Practice self-care,  

- Keriki  


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