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Still Processing  x Wesley Morris & Jenna Wortham

Still Processing x Wesley Morris & Jenna Wortham

Still Processing is a New York Times Podcast hosted by Wesley Morris, a critic at large for the New York Times and a staff writer for the New York Times Magazine and Jenna Wortham is a staff writer for the magazine. 


This is one of my favorite podcasts to get into right now. I absolutely love how candid Morris and Wortham are and they talk about topics that are very relevant and happening right now. Since I did not start listening to them at their inception, I have the unique privilege of listening to them every day because I am catching up on previous episodes and listening to new ones at the same time.  


Their latest episode "We Grieve Charlottesville" is very emotional. Wortham talks about her experience with UVA during her time as an undergraduate student and Morris begins to really dig in to why events like Charlottesville are so upsetting to him (as they should be to you too).  I am not telling you anything else about it because I want you to subscribe to their podcast.  


Here is a small description of the episode "We Grieve Charlottesville" from their podcast channel below: 


"Expressions of white supremacy in this country aren’t new. But what happened in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend was the largest public melee during a presidential administration that includes men with white nationalist ties. Three people were killed, dozens of people were injured and the country was thrown into a state of anguish and shock. The show was on vacation, but we came back early to talk about Charlottesville and why the violence there isn’t surprising, what it means to remove totems of the American Confederacy and what a verbal apology from President Trump is really worth." 


I will be sharing some more of my favorite podcasts very soon but for now open your podcast app, search for "Still Processing", and click subscribe. You won't be disappointed.  


Keep your head up,  


- Keriki  

Wesley Morris

Twitter: @Wesley_Morris 

Instagram: wsslyy 

Snapchat: wsslyy 

Jenna Wortham

Twitter: @jennydeluxe 

Instagram: jennydeluxe 

Snapchat: pizzapizzaa



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