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3 Ways to Deal with Social Anxiety in a Social Media Driven Society

3 Ways to Deal with Social Anxiety in a Social Media Driven Society

Do you have social anxiety?


 Do you get embarrassed easily?


Would you rather stay in than go out sometimes?


If you had the choice between going to a networking event or going to a presentation which one would you choose?


Do you cringe when you post something on Instagram for fear of what someone may post in your comments?


Social anxiety is the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people, leading to feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, embarrassment, humiliation, and depression
— Thomas A. Richards, Ph.D.



You and many others like you suffer from social anxiety. A lot of the times, if you are introverted you tend to shy away from situations that may force you to engage with others and that is okay. I am here to offer solutions that I have found to be very simple that will help calm you down and move forward.


  • Don’t pressure yourself or allow anyone else to pressure you into doing something that you absolutely do not feel comfortable doing.


In the past, my social anxiety had to do with going to school dances and as I got older it turned into going out to dance at parties or to the club with friends. When I became a “real” adult it turned into going to networking events (which I still at 30 years old do not feel comfortable doing). I also don’t like going to my college’s homecoming event. Blah.


I have gone to these events that I said that I don’t normally like to go to. The key is that I only go to these types of events if I really want to. I don’t allow anyone to force me into going and if I’m not feeling it on the day of the event I say “bye Felicia” and I do not go.


  • Find a tribe.


Now when I say, “find a tribe” I mean find people who generally understand that you are an introvert or that you suffer from social anxiety. They are inclusive of your feelings and they also understand that you are only extroverted around them because you feel comfortable. Your tribe should not judge you and when you choose not to attend an event or if you choose to leave an event early, they understand. You should be able to talk to your tribe about your feelings without feeling embarrassed, inadequate, or inferior. Your tribe does not force you to live up to certain expectations; they support you on your journey. 


My tribe is small.


My circle is tight.


They understand that I ain’t with it most of the time and they don’t force me to do anything that I absolutely do not want to do. They ask me to go pretty much everywhere with them but they respect my boundaries and understand when I say no.


  • Engage in an activity that relieves stress.


When you engage in these types of activities and begin to see results it makes you feel good. Even if you don’t want to do physical activity, find a hobby that does not require you to be social, that will make you happy. For me these activities include writing, running, jogging, and hiking. I don’t need anyone else to be with me when I engage in these activities and I feel good because I’ve done something for myself. 


Of course, if you need more assistance, visiting a professional therapist is always an option. Social anxiety is real and I want you to take steps to feel better each day, just as I have done.


Love and light,


- Keriki



Richards, Thomas A., Ph.D., What is Social Anxiety?, Social Anxiety Institute, 14 Aug. 2017, https://www.socialanxietyinstitute.org/what-is-social-anxiety

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