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4 Tips on How to Deal with Struggling Friendships

4 Tips on How to Deal with Struggling Friendships

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Just when you think you've got your life figured out and there's ZERO drama going on, something unnecessary occurs.


My mother and probably any caring mother will tell their children that friendships will evolve over time; there will be a lot of changes. Some of the people that you're friends with now, may not be your friends next year, next month, or even next week.


Now I'm quick with the hand and I have been over the years. Disrespect gets you a first class ticket out of my circle and me out of yours and this solution is probably the best for the both of us. It took me a long time to come to this conclusion (even though mom's been telling me forever); everyone isn't meant to stick around.


But wait...


What if there are some friendships that you are in that you want to remain in but you are struggling to keep hope alive?


Well I have some tips for you that have helped me through and may help you too if you're willing to lend me an ear.


Tip # 1


Be honest.


Don't hold grudges, it's childish and whack, and it accomplishes absolutely nothing. Be up front with your emotions and let the other person know how you feel.


Tip # 2


Don't avoid.



....why do people do this?


I get it if you don't know someone well and you don't like confrontation but if you know them well stop playing. Just talk it out. Avoiding makes the situation worse.


Tip # 3


Be open.


In friendships and relationships it is good to be open to constructive criticism. Your friends are supposed to have your best interest at heart.  If you're getting upset because someone is telling you the truth then maybe there's some underlying issue between the two of you that has not been discussed.



Tip # 4


Play fair.  


When there's a disagreement, it's not about winning and losing or about how you play the game because it's not a game.  Even though someone's actions displease you it doesn't mean that it gives you fair game to attack them. Be nice.


I'm not saying that every relationship will last forever because it won't. I'm not saying you should spend countless hours trying to work every relationship you're in out because toxicity is not self care. What I am saying is that if it's genuine and you both are interested in being what the true definition of friendship is, then be honest, communicate, be open, and play fair.


- Keriki

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