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My Personal Tips for Getting the Best Sleep of Your Life

My Personal Tips for Getting the Best Sleep of Your Life

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When you're a baby you sleep often.


When you're a child you don't want a nap.


When you're a teenager you don't want a bed time.


When you're in your 20s you get sleep when you can.


When you're 30 + what sleep?


That last one had been my daily struggle for over a year. Wanting to go to bed but physically being able to get my body to go was very difficult. Let's not even get started on getting up at random times of the night because of anxiety that I was not even aware I had. I had to put an immediate stop to the "intermittent sleep getting up groggy not able to take a nap when necessary" train.


Lately, I've been able to get some really good sleep. I wanted to share with you my tips on getting restful sleep and what steps I took to ensure that my sleep was restful and fulfilling.


Are you letting light into your room at night?


Here are some things that may be blocking you for getting really good rest:


Falling asleep with the television on.

Night lights letting light in

Living on a brightly lit street with no black out curtains

Having your phone notifications go off in the middle of the night (people with iPhones who have that bright flash of light go off every time they have a notification just WHY?) <-- that shit is AWFUL


Do you have an essential oil diffuser?


What is your favorite scent that will help you relax?


Try placing a few drops in the diffuser and turn it on for an hour before falling asleep. My go to scents for restful sleep are eucalyptus or lavender.


What does your bed look and smell like?


Don't laugh at me.


You should be washing your sheets, at a minimum, once per week.


Every morning I get up and make my bed then I spray lavender Febreeze all over my sheets and pillows. You can also buy fresh lavender and put them in little satchels to stick into your pillow cases.


What are you doing right before bed?


Are you watching intense television (horror, action packed, violent)? These have caused me to have anxiety while sleeping.


Are you on social media? You can truly waste time here when you could be shutting down and closing your eyes.


Try reading a book, writing, meditating, doing yoga, or drinking tea before bed. Create a ritual that you can stick to that will be sure to help you get rest.


Have you heard of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep?


The short version is that it is a type of sleep that occurs in intervals. It occurs in intervals throughout the night. The way that I incorporate REM into my nightly routine is I count in 1.5 hour increments backwards from the time I need to wake up to the time I go to bed. So if I need to get up at 5am I go to bed at 11pm. If I want more than that then I go to bed at 930pm. It works for me pretty well.


What I do may not work for you but the key is to incorporate a routine before going to bed so that you're not waking up all hours of the night and you're not waking up feeling groggy. You're trying to live your best life and you can't do that without getting some much needed rest everyday. Take care of yourself.





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