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Sage Society - Yara Shahidi

Sage Society - Yara Shahidi

When someone younger than me proves that "age ain't nothing but a number" I become extremely blown away. Most of the people in my life that I look up to are younger than me because I'm very inspired by all the things that they are able to accomplish in such a short time on this earth. They are wise beyond their years and they are able to eloquently speak about things I haven't even thought about in my lifetime. Also, I feel that this generation is super wise beyond their years. It's so good seeing them use their talent for good.   

Someone that I know a lot of young girls are looking up to right now is Yara Shahidi. She's amazing! 

Yara Shahidi is an American actress, model, and activist. Her support for #blacklivesmatter and #womensrights cannot go unnoticed. 

The daughter of an Iranian-American father and an African-American mother, she is breaking stereotypes on and off screen and opening doors for women of color. 

In a Seventeen Magazine interview when she was asked what it means for her to represent girls of color she stated, "I mean it's funny to me partly because the idea surrounds us, whether we're on our phones, looking at billboards or just walking down the street. Our lives are ingrained in the beauty that we see and so to be one of the many faces representing our girls is really special to me, to have the opportunity. If I can be one of the faces that somebody is able to relate too, I'm happy to do that." - Yara Shahidi 

I love this quote because for a while someone very important to me use to tell me that he sees me as a trailblazer and I told him no thanks. At her age, I did not want to be anyone's trailblazer because I didn't want THAT on my back.  What if Harriett Tubman said that? What if  Viola Davis said that? What if Harriett Tubman said that? What if Beyonce said that? What if Admiral Michelle Howard said that? As I got older and women who were younger than me began to ask me to mentor them I began to say yes because I think that it is important for them to be able to look at someone who looks just like them and say "hey I can do that too". No limits. I get it now. But Yara, she got that as a teenager...completely blows my mind. That is amazing.  

I am grateful for Yara because...... 

she embraces her curls. (SUPER IMPORTANT TO ME) 

she embraces her ethnicity.  

She teaches us how to be politically correct.  

She shows us that if at her age she is able to stand up for something then we can do it too.  

C'mon #blackgirlmagic!  

Yara we see all the good and positive things that you are doing and that is why you are a VIP member of our Sage Society.  

Harvard get ready for Yara! 


Love and Light,  

- Keriki  

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