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5 Simple Self Care Rituals

5 Simple Self Care Rituals

Sleep 7 hours or more. 

Do me a favor and try this even if you don't believe you need this amount of sleep.  A little additional snooze may reveal a better version on yourself. 


Allow yourself to feel your feelings. 

Don't shrug them all off, explain them away or take rash action.  Do yourself the honor of feeling out what your feelings are really about and then make a stronger, wiser move.



Walking each day can help balance and energize you, not to mention give you time to work through your thoughts and maintain a healthy weight.  10,000 steps is recommended but any amount is better than none.


Take A Breath Break. 

Feeling overwhelmed?  Take deep, intentional breaths in and out for a minute or two to calm and ground yourself.


Refresh yourself. 

A midday refresh can do wonders for your self esteem and help reset your focus while working.  Keep a small toiletry bag with a travel toothbrush, face wipes, moisturizer, lip gloss, bronzer and a fragrance to stay fresh as eva.


I hope you can put one of these into practice for your increased wellbeing. 


light to you, 





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