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5 Health Apps to Keep You on Track

5 Health Apps to Keep You on Track

I think I'm on a health kick right now. Well hell I am probably on a health kick everyday. I ate at Chick Fil A today, which isn't really healthy, but it was a scheduled cheat meal soooo technically still on a health kick. Don't be a hater.


In my last blog post I wrote about wanderlust travel so I wanted to share with you some apps that help keep me in shape  year round AND if you're not into working out yet (it's okay I promise you're in the no judgement zone), use the beginner settings and these apps will get you into shape 🤙🏽


Nike + Run Club


For the avid runner and for someone who is moving from the couch to the trail.  My favorite thing about this app is that you can set a goal and a coach will guide you through your training schedule and sometimes on your runs. The app interfaces with the Apple Watch and you can add friends and track yourself on the leaderboard. So if you're competitive you'll totally love the leaderboard feature. Lastly, who doesn't want to hear Kevin Hart's congratulatory speech at the end of a 6 mile push!? The app is awesome, I've been using it for years and I love it.




I just added this one to my collection a few days ago.  I haven't used it yet since I'm on travel right now for work (I mostly run when I'm traveling) BUT post-Memorial day I'm hitting the weights hard! Fitbod once again is for beginner and expert weightlifting athletes. I probably don't know much about weightlifting, I'll admit it, but as I explored this app, I got excited about learning more about how my body can pull, push, and lift things.


Workout Trainer by Skimble


Now disclaimer....I'm not suggesting that you need to buy the membership BUT the free workouts seem a bit repetitive for someone who is not a high intensity beginner. If you're a beginner at high intensity workouts, the free portion of this app will be worth your while but once you start moving up in the ranks and you desire more push, buying the membership may be a better deal for the results that you want to see.


Nike + Training


I might be a fan of all things Nike but these Nike apps assist me with achieving the level of intensity that I need on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure every time I do a workout from this app, I feel winded, sore, and out of shape but I love it. There are beginner and expert workouts so treat yourself and don't cheat yourself!




I don't use this app a lot anymore because Apple now has the same feature on iPad and iPhone but if you want to try out some new sleeping habits, I suggest this app. It is perfect for calculating R.E.M. times for bedtime and naps. I usually set mine in increments of 90 minutes so that I know when to go to sleep and when to wake up. Between R.E.M. and ensuring you are in a dark and quiet room, you'll be sure to feel more and more restful every day.


Bonus: MyFitnessPal & WaterMinder because being healthy is all about what you put inside your body too. These apps help track your food and water intake respectively.


If you're wanting to feel better and look better then give these apps a try and live out your best days from this moment on.


Love and light,


- Keriki

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