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How do we define true love?


Do we really understand what it means to love someone else?


The Bible tells us to love our friends and  those who trespass against us (this is tough) and when you love someone and commit to them, you're supposed to continue to love them through good times and bad times (this is tough).


Even Kirk Franklin asked if we truly know what it means to love somebody?


...and Musiq Soulchild talked about people using Love's name in vain.


Look, nobody is perfect and everyone defines love differently so I really want you to come up with a definition that truly defines how you'd lay down your life for another or give your last to your brother. Or would would you even do that?


"Guys, love on people now.  Stop expecting people to be there for you. They don't have to be. Ever. Understand that and be grateful for the love, care, assistance, and respect you receive from people." - Garnet, Owner, Terri's Cakes Detroit


When I saw this quote it truly described how I view love. When someone loves me and I love them, I make sure they know it. There will be no missed opportunities to love on him and he on me.


My definition of love is, when you see them, your heart skips a beat, when you hear their voice, you get goosebumps, when they are hurting, you feel their pain, when they are happy, you rejoice with them. You pray for them, you pray with them, you worry about them, you protect them, you lift them up, you build their confidence, you trust, you communicate, you compromise.


That is my definition of love.


What is yours?





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