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The Art of Selflessness

The Art of Selflessness

I always battle between selflessness and selfishness. I'm not talking about my own personal battle but more like the battle between selfless and selfish people and how they survive on this earth together.


I mean we here at full of sage write a lot about the importance of self care and self love and taking out time for yourself.  However, we don't want to confuse self care with selfishness.


It's so easy to be selfless but it's just as easy to be selfish.  I think it is harder for selfless people to continue being selfless once they begin to feel that their kindness has been taken for granted. Most of the time, selfless people choose to continue to give and give and give, even when they have been taken advantage of in the past.


So I pose the question...


How does one selfless person who has lost their way encourage another to become selfless again?


Well I and many others I know, have been taken advantage of but when that happens what we choose to do is to give more. We learn from each situation and we choose to trust the journey.  So maybe we won't give in that particular way in which we were taken advantage of but we find other ways to give.


I find that people who choose to continue to give to others, volunteer their time, etc. are always taken care of while they are traveling within this journey called life. 


There are so many needs in this world that need to be fulfilled. People, causes, etc need others who are able to give. What we have to try to do is be a bit more selfless and do these things out of the goodness of our hearts, expecting nothing in return and if someone tarnishes, betrays, misuses our trust we have to figure out how to get over that and give in other ways. 


When you are a selfless person you love to give, you cannot allow one selfish act against you to turn you into a selfish person too.


I'm all about people giving time and energy to people who have a REAL need. If you have the itch for volunteering or giving your time, click on any of the website links below and give out of love and get your volunteering on:


The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.


Volunteer Match


United Way


Create The Good


Habitat for Humanity


....and many others!


Happy volunteering friends,


⁃ Keriki

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