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Netflix Review #girlboss

Netflix Review #girlboss

Just binge watched girlboss #obsessed.


Obsessed mainly because I was inspired BUT also because I kept yelling at her through the television screen like she could hear me. My friend walked into my house saying "what the heck are you watching" and then he couldn't stop laughing too. 


Main character Sophia - hilarious and bold, I want her to be my friend so she can tell me her story over and over again so that I never have an excuse to just sit on my ass and sulk about problems.


Best friend Annie - ride or die, and sort of reminds me of Candice and I. I'm not talking to you for months because I can't stand the truth but we can be friends again soon at a party on NYE because how many drinks?


Boyfriend of main character Shane - cheating on her didn't stop her drive and then you thought you were winning your way back in at a vulnerable time #byesir.


Boyfriend of best friend Dax - you're so smart and honest and caring. Are you real?


Commented on a @nastygal photo on Instagram the other day and I got a response. Now I'm a dedicated fan. No judgement.


Gosh I wish I didn't binge watch because now I need more of the story, but until then, to ease the pain I'll read her books.


If you haven't watched it I'm recommending it to you. Why? Read below.



Entrepreneurial guidance

Confidence booster

Relationship advice

How to be a good friend

How to give to others

How to get over stuff

How to love your parents closely

How to love your parents from afar

How to stand up for yourself

....and many more.


Happy eating popcorn + binge watching,


- Keriki

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