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Sage Society | Mara Hruby

Sage Society | Mara Hruby

My first mind said to describe Mara Hruby as a renaissance woman.

Though it's kind of an appropriate title since she's a singer, songwriter, musician, vintage style symbol, social media marvel, craftswoman and maker of delicious-looking jams (er, I just ordered a jar)... 

...it still feels odd to assign a role borne from my own mind to this woman.  Mostly because someone who has shared such a mélange of gifts with the wide world must be full of many more known only by those closest to her and still more untold.

Also because she has the aura of a person who very clearly sees herself and can tell it best.

So, I'll simply stick with saying why I appreciate Mara. 

I can't say exactly when or why I came across her on Instagram, but I can remember how I felt when I did.  Have you ever encountered someone and suddenly felt you've just "met" one of the most wonderful people on earth?  1. Because she glows inexplicably and 2. because she has somehow shown you an equally wonderful part of yourself?  Yea, that way.

Then I had the nerve to listen to her Archaic Rapture EP and knew I was officially an admirer.  Mara's voice is soothing and wise; I know her full-length album will be legendary.

It was so refreshing and surprisingly helpful to meet such authenticity in a time when I was feeling very insecure and searching feverishly for myself to little avail.  It surprised me that I didn't feel jealous of her life or her image the way it seemed I couldn't help feeling when I saw other people I felt inclined to admire.  Rather I felt eased and somehow empowered.  I belive that reaction from me as a testament to her good vibes.

Mara, thank you for knowing your beauty and sharing it with us.  And thank you for thereby opening me more to my own beauty.

Thank you for soothing my hurting soul not so long ago when I played "In The Wee Small Hours" on repeat during a self-care session.

Thank you for that flawless version of "Simply Beautiful".

And thank you for this jam I am about to receive for the nourishment of my bagels.

I can't thank you enough for being so damn sage.


light to you,




Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

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