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Wanderlust + Hong Kong

Wanderlust + Hong Kong

One of my FAVORITE places that I visited in my short time on this Earth so far is Hong Kong.  

So many things to do.  

So much food to eat.  

So many things to see.  

Did I say so much food to eat!?  

Roast Duck. Dim Sum. Herbal Tea.  

Writing this is making me want to go back right now.  

Hong Kong has an amazing skyline and is so complex. If you like the complexity of New York or San Francisco then you'll definitely love Hong Kong.  

You have to spend money on frivolous things there because it's not like you're going back tomorrow.  

You have to take the star ferry because the harbor is once again visually complex.  

You have to take public transportation because they do it right over there. 

You have to go on a hike because Hong Kong has some of the best trails and the best views.  

You have to catch a show or visit a temple because Hong Kong has very rich history.  

In East Asia, Hong Kong is truly the city that never sleeps and I really don't remember going to sleep because I was so eager to keep exploring.  

I am not big on huge tourist attractions but some attractions are so rich with history I would be upset with myself if I did not get to see some of them. My favorite tourist attraction in Hong Kong was Tian Tan Buddha or the Big Buddha. It is a bit overcrowded at times with tourists but it's the one thing you HAVE to see when you visit.  


Hong Kong is an ancient but modernized city; I have been twice and I have never felt lost, distant, or out of place. I had so much fun and learned a lot about the history of the city. If you ever get an opportunity to visit, work, or live in Hong Kong, DO IT; it is the opportunity of a lifetime.  

Happy traveling friends. 

- Keriki

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