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The 10 Best Hiking Paths in America

The 10 Best Hiking Paths in America

I absolutely love the outdoors.


The wind, the sun, the clouds, the trees, the grass, etc.


I especially love hiking. I don't by any means think that I am an expert, however, I've done a little research and have found some of the best hikes for you.


Whether you're in it for the health benefits,  or to just explore and experience outside, or if you love to travel, I bring to you 10 of the best hiking trails in America.


Grand Canyon

Located in Arizona and frequented by so many visitors each day, the Grand Canyon South of the Rim Park is open all year.

Get your tickets and go hiking ASAP.


Yosemite Valley

Located in Northern California with good hikes such as Half Dome, the Yosemite Valley is a perfect trail for both small and large groups.  Any excuse to go to California sounds like a good excuse to me.


Angel's Landing

Located in southern Utah with a steep, well kept uphill trail, Angel's Landing is both strenuous and thrilling. Travel here and get your cardio on for sure!


Devils Garden Trail

Also, located in Utah and frequently traveled by both residents and visitors, Devil's Garden Trail is difficult, well maintained, and fun! Complete the full 7.8 miles of this trail and you can probably conquer anything. 


Zion National Park

Located in Utah (obviously Utah is THE place to be), you can go on short easy hikes or long strenuous hikes. Angel's Landing can be found here.



Root Glacier Trail

Located in Alaska (never been, definitely want to go) with some of the best glacier hiking in Alaska, hiking for half a day on the Root Glacier Trail is completely worth the plane ticket. 


Hoh River Trail

 Located in Washington (is everything on the West Coast?), for the first 13 miles the hike is flat then moves into being a bit more difficult as you continue on. Don't stop and get a good workout in when you visit the Hoh River Trail.


Columbia River Gorge

Bordering Washington and Oregon and the largest national scenic area in the United States, visit Columbia River Gorge, hike, drink beer, and view dozens of waterfalls all in the same place. You'll be chasing waterfalls....literally.


Halemau'u Trail

Located in Maui.

Enough said.


Muliwai Trail

Located on the big island of Hawaii, the trail is an 18 mile loop which will definitely kick your heart rate up a notch immediately. Hawaii has some of the best hikes and most strenuous but if you're really trying to make hiking "a thing" for you then go experience and enjoy it!


Happy hiking,


- Keriki

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