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Find + Hill Country Barbecue Market Brooklyn, NY

Find + Hill Country Barbecue Market Brooklyn, NY

I love New York. I have a lot of history in New York. My friends, my family, my love of arts and culture all stem from New York.


New York has some of the best food. Let me clarify....


Brooklyn has some of the BEST food.


I attended a wedding for one of my dearest friends this weekend and she had her reception at Hill Country Barbecue Market in downtown Brooklyn. I know what you're thinking, who rents out a barbecue spot for their wedding reception. She did, and it was absolutely amazing. It was probably the best wedding reception I've been to in my entire life. So thank you Hill Country Barbecue for being available for my dear friend's wedding. 


When I walked into the reception I checked my coat and I was immediately greeted by red wine and Moscow mules. Sign me up.  Then I went upstairs to quickly use the ladies room because I wanted to get back out to the floor and listen to the sweet sounds of Meghan Trainor, Drake, Future, and the Jackson....cool tunes at a Brooklyn wedding.


Then moments later the appetizers started flowing in. Picture this: smoked barbecue wings, fresh chips and guacamole, deviled eggs, and pulled pork sliders. YUM!


But wait, there's more, a live band. Yes y'all, a live band. They were awesome and they sang every genre possible.


Then Hill Country Barbecue Market surprised me again when the actual buffet came out. Brisket, Baked Barbecue chicken, collard greens, baked mac and cheese, cornbread muffins.  Who taught them how to cook like that in Brooklyn, NY? It was an absolutely amazing platter. 


I'd totally go back again. It was so good. I don't eat like that on an everyday basis but if I am going to have a cheat meal then Hill Country Barbecue Market is the place to do it; they did not disappoint.


Next time you're in Brooklyn, check them out; I promise you'll love it.


Hill Country Barbecue Market

345 Adams St

Brooklyn, NY 11201



eat up foodies,


⁃ Keriki

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