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Conversations About Food

Conversations About Food

Hi friends,


You know we LOVE food at the fullofsage headquarters. Maybe a little too much at times. Lol. We are definitely watching what we eat but still enjoying being self dubbed foodies. 


Over the past few months I've been really watching people eat. I mean really watching them eat. Weird, I know but for a good cause. I just wanted to know how similar people's feelings about food were. 


Conversation # 1:


One of my old co-workers who looks like a damn fitness model said she never really watched what she ate before until after moving to the South.  One day her mom told her she had gained a little weight but what she realized, after looking in the mirror shortly after her mother's comment, was that she actually gained a lot of weight.  Why? Good food. Really tasty food. Amazing food. No exercise. Now she eats a small breakfast, tuna for lunch everyday, and a hearty dinner with her family.


Conversation # 2:


Another one of my old coworkers said she started to watch what she ate after realizing she gained some weight too.  She said that she has a weird relationship with food. She loves the way food feels in her mouth. Interesting right? Very interesting. She literally eats the same thing everyday. She eats a breakfast bar. She drinks a Diet Coke for a snack. She eats subway or chick fil a for lunch. Then she goes home and eats dinner with her family. Absolute consistency.


Conversation # 3:


Then I talked to one of my really close friends who said she liked how great food tastes. The different flavors are appealing.  People look forward to or have cravings for certain types of food because they love how food tastes.  I get it you know. Lasagna, pastas, pizza, Tacos, In N Out; yes I get it. But then she said, she needs to lose weight so now she has to limit herself.


So basically I've deciphered from these conversations that if you want to have good food, you have to be in some sort of love hate relationship.  Seriously.  You have to love French fries maybe once a week and love pizza maybe once a month.  The rest of the days, you aren't really friends. 




Good luck!





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