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Daily Cleansing For Your Mind

Daily Cleansing For Your Mind

So now that you know how to cleanse your body everyday, it's time to pair that with cleansing your mind. Everyone needs a little "me" time and it's alright if you take time out of the day to care for yourself.


Here are 3 ways to clear your mind and help you stay focused. 




It doesn't matter the time of day that you choose to meditate but find a way to be still, close your eyes, and listen to your breaths.  Meditation is calming, it clears your mind, and it is a way to get rid of toxic thoughts. 


There are so many apps now that can teach you how to meditate if you have never done it.  There are also meet up groups and yoga studios that can help guide you through meditation. 


Practicing stillness and learning to remain silent for a period of time can definitely help clear your mind. 




Get it all off of your chest.  One of the first articles that I wrote for fullofsage talked about the different types of journaling that you can do.  Keeping things bottled up inside and "dealing with it" is old news and old school. Journaling is like being your own psychiatrist. It's a way to release what is going on on your mind by putting it down on paper.  You don't even have to go back to read what you wrote. Just put the pen or pencil to the paper and start writing. 




Reading takes your mind off of the right now.  It can take you back into time or it can temporarily help you get lost in an imaginary world. Reading is soothing, it helps you be still, and it means that you took time out of your day for you.


Self care is so important. It means that you stopped for a moment to love yourself. We move so fast nowadays.  We are always on social media. There is so much to process when watching the news. We do so much for others.  We hardly find time for ourselves. 


My charge to you is to find 20 to 30 minutes each day to pause and do one of these 3 things. I guarantee you that after a few days of cleansing your mind, you will want to start caring for yourself more often.


⁃ Keriki

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