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Daily Cleansing For Your Body

Daily Cleansing For Your Body

We get so caught up in so many unnecessary things nowadays that we don't make time for anything that we really yearn to do.


We are in the generation who wants it now, wants it fast, and if we can't get it then we are going to go do something else that is fast and happening right now.


We don't slow down. Even when we are exhausted, we keep going because of FOMO, wanting to be on top, and just wanting what we want when we want it.


However, sometimes what we don't realize is that FOMO can cause you to crumble; it can cause you to miss out, on a lot. So much so, that when you reach a point, when you feel that you can't press on, you're too exhausted and DONE to even try to recuperate.


So what I've done is compiled a list of things that I do to constantly cleanse the physical me so that my body feel like its reached the end of the rope before its time.


Cleanse with soap and water.

I know this seems weird and obvious but what I'm talking about is bubbles and soap that smells good and feels good; I'm talking about soap that will get you clean and make you feel like a shiny new machine. 



Relax yourself.

Practice taking time out for you at some point during your day.  Pick a time where you can just chill, read, watch a movie, or just be.


Use body scrubs.

Scrub your body with the most exciting and delectable concoctions.  Ranging from lemon scented to Himalayan salt to mint sugar to vanilla lavender.  Your skin will thank you and you'll feel even cleaner than with soap and water. 



Soak in the tub.

You can add so many things....rose petals, lavender, clay, epsom salt, bath bombs, essential oils, and the list goes on.


Detox Detox Detox

You can make your own detox drinks and food OR you can buy them in store. Either way you choose, if you map out a plan stick to it, your body will thank you.



If you don't get enough sleep already, if you book a 60-90 minute massage, that's guaranteed sleep right there! Massages sooth muscles & get rid of tension in your body. That's a win win situation right there.



Yoga and 60 minutes of calming music or pure quiet can calm you down tremendously. During yoga you are not only stretching but you are practicing breathing exercises which will slow you down immediately. 


We need to slow down and make time for ourselves.  Whether it's once a month or once a week doesn't matter.  Slowing down helps us rejuvenate and helps us prepare for our next project or adventure.


Do yourself a favor this week and take time for yourself to cleanse your body. You will thank yourself later.



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