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See and Be Seen, Part I

See and Be Seen, Part I

Photo Credit: Wondering Fair


The more I search myself for understanding the more important it becomes for me to be seen by the people who I allow close to me.


I'll explain. 


In this wide world, there are some people you can truly share and connect with and others you can't. 


Some who look at you with admiration, some who look at you with disdain, some who look to you for personal indulgence and some who don't see you at all.


Of all those options, not being seen at all gets me fired up the fastest.  


As an African-American woman, sometimes I feel completely invisible...like I'm speaking and no one hears me or in line and have to remind someone not to step in front of me.  


I know many of you have felt this way for similar or different reasons.


There's enough of this experience not being seen, heard, etc. waiting "outside" for each of us.


That's why it feels so important lately for me to feel the people "inside", in my circle of trust and continued close contact, can see me.  And I don't just mean look at me when we speak to one another or maneuver around me in close quarters.  I mean SEE.  This consists of, but is not limited to:


-Understands or seeks to understand me and my point of view, especially when we disagree

-Regards me

-Respects me

-Shows me kindness

-Genuinely appreciates the things about me that some would call quirks and does not look at me like a fish out of water when I express one of said things 

-Recognizes and roots for my greatness

-Recognizes and appreciates my care and regard for them


If you're feeling me on this, then I think you and I both have to proceed with these four things in mind to make and keep this ideal a reality for ourselves:

1.  We must first practice seeing ourselves.

2.  We must next practice seeing others.

3.  We must be patient.

4.  We must be willing to let go. 


So, I'm working on #1, and will be back with you soon to share my thoughts.  Let's do it together and share thoughts below. 


Light to you, 


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