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5 Reasons Why Now May Be A Great Time For A Social Media Break

5 Reasons Why Now May Be A Great Time For A Social Media Break

It's over a month into the "new" year.

And a mighty fine time to check in with yourself on your goals.  Too much or the wrong type of social interaction can distract you from seeing your year so far for what it is. 


There's a lot going on in Beyoncé's life and with the Grammys and with Valentine's Day... 

Social media interaction can engulf you in the lives of others, especially your fave artist or that one fitness model who's #summergoals, diminishing the amount of time you can focus on your own life and often feeding your insecurities.  So precisely when social media is popping is a pretty good time to sit out every now and then.


You're trying to get a raise this year... 

...and your productivity is suffering from your dibbling & dabbling and desk pic snapping during your work day.  Protect thine promotion. 


Your family misses you. 

For as little time as it seems we have for family & friends & other important things to do, if we reallocated the approx. 5.4 hours daily a Crowdtap study says the average millennial spends on social media, I bet we'd have time to connect more.  Don't you think?


Social media addiction is real and could happen to you if you're not mindful. 

So check yourself before you wreck yourself and put some space between you and that phone to maintain proper perspective of the wide world around you. 


I hope you consider a lil break after reading this.  I'll do it with you! 




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