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5 Ways to Not Fail at Being Vegan

5 Ways to Not Fail at Being Vegan

Last year was the last year of my 20s. I decided, like a fool, to do something challenging for myself 35 days before getting on a plane to celebrate my 30th birthday.


I failed ya'll.


It wasn't a miserable failure, but I still did not complete the task at hand. 


I attempted to be vegan for 35 days. I think that was the goal. I don't remember and half way through I lost count. 


I failed.


Well I did it for MOST of the days, maybe somewhere between 25-30, but definitely not my goal of 35.


It was a great experience and I learned a lot about my body and food and how what you put into your body affects the way you move and your mood throughout the day.


I actually liked being semi-vegan and I didn't miss fish (I'm a sometimes vegetarian sometimes pescatarian 95% healthy eater). However, the moment I stepped foot off of the plane into another country for  vacation, I wanted it all. I wouldn't say I wanted meat and meat products because I was craving it, I wanted it because it was there and because of this I came up with a better plan or some simple DOs and DONTs for anyone who wants to try being vegan for a period of time.


1. Don't do it before going on vacation. I think you're setting yourself up for failure here if you do.  Just do a simple detox or juice cleanse to get rid of toxins in your body pre and post travel.


2. Do meal prep.  This helped out a lot because I didn't have to guess what I was going to eat every day.


3. Do exercise. This will help you see the full effects of what being vegan + exercising will give you.


4. Don't cheat unplanned. You are not cheating anyone else, you're just cheating yourself. Enough said.


5. Do be aware of your lifestyle. If you have parties, events, weekend getaways, etc. planned then make sure you have a plan for what you will be eating whether it's a cheat meal or meals that you take with you. Plan for it. 


Now would I do it again? Yes.


Post vacation I did a 3 day juice cleanse which was definitely a NEED because I went all out.  Lol. 


Right now I've been eating chicken for my 2 cheat meals per week. I probably don't need the chicken. I probably don't need meat or fish at all.  However, I do need more protein. The plan is that once I eat this LAST piece of chicken sausage in my refrigerator tomorrow, to go back to VB6 (vegan before 6pm) and eat a meal with fish at night.  I will also do a homemade juice fast once or twice per month and I WILL drink a ton of water.


I would love to be vegan one day but I'm slowly getting there. Slow, like a turtle. If I finally decide to take that leap, I'll let you know how I did it.


If you're vegan and you follow us on Instagram @fullofsage let me know how you stay true to your vegan lifestyle!


Happy eating!


⁃ Keriki

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