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The Quick & Dirty Guide toTraveling with Spirit

The Quick & Dirty Guide toTraveling with Spirit

I'm sure you've heard either rave reviews, horror stories or some combination of both about Spirit Airlines.  


Spirit prides itself on low-low fares made possible by the franchise's bare bones, "pay for the frills you prefer" approach to travel.  


Even a cup of water is a la carte, breh.  


You may be saying "hell naw."  

But I'm saying Spirit can be a pretty viable option as long as you know some important things before you go.


Use this quick guide to prep yourself to give Spirit a fair shot.


Know Before You Book


Carry on baggage ain't free.

With Spirit, only one small carry-on item is included in your fare (think backpack-sized, not a general roll on or duffel bag.)

So, if you're bringing any additional baggage you'll have to pay.  


It's cheaper to check her.

Carry-on bags start at $35 each while checked bags start at $30.


Choose your bag option when you book your flight or be crying.

Choosing 1 checked bag online costs $30.  

Choosing 1 checked bag during your online check-in prior to arriving at the airport costs $40.

Choosing 1 checked bag at the check-in counter costs $50.

Trying to bring anything to the gate unaccounted for will get your damn feelings hurt at a whopping $100 per bag.

So, it literally (and emotionally) pays to plan ahead, here.  

Use the Spirit Bag-o-Tron to get the pricing on your bags before you book.  Here's a sample.


If you're traveling often this year, then the $9 Fare Club may be work your shillings.

See those bag prices above.  Membership can also result in a nice discount when you book a rental car and/or hotel deal through Spirit.


Be careful what you click.

Finally, there are a few pop-ups on Spirit's site that if you don't read clearly, you'll find yourself paying some extra coin.  Look for click throughs like "No thanks..." or "Continue without..." if you're not interested. 

Know Before You Go

Pull out your printer.

If you check in at Spirit.com and print your boarding pass at home, you'll save $10 at the airport (that's how much it costs to use Spirit kiosks to print a boarding pass.)


If you're checking bags, then plan time to check in at the counter.

Whether you pay $10 to use the kiosks or not, you'll still have to wait in line to drop your checked bags off.  So plan an extra 15 mins or so for that.


Bring entertainment. 

Ain't no TV bih. 


If you're really hungry, bring a meal onboard. 

Spirit doesn't have any sandwich boxes or more extensive meal options.   However, they have well-priced snacks for days and dranks for days. 


And while you're at it, order a mixer with your meal. 

Having Chick fil A in your terminal?  Get some coke or lemonade with your combo to mix with the jack Daniels you plan to sip.  As you can see above, mixers are separate from liquor.  


And like I said, water ain't free. 

Yes, I said that.  Now, take a deep breath and laugh about this.


I hope this helps, people.  Bae and I are down with Spirit now that we're cultured in the ways.  Any other Spirit tips?  Hit us up on this article's IG post with those so we can all be enlightened.


Happy Travels,



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Wanderlust • Memphis, Tennessee

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