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4 Mindless Behaviors to Do More Mindfully Today

4 Mindless Behaviors to Do More Mindfully Today

Using Hella Water

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American family of four uses about 400 gallons of water a day; and they ain't drinking it.  El bano is where most of this use occurs...letting the shower heat up just right, courtesy flushing, and toilets/faucets that drip all the time.

4 Ways To Be More Mindful  

1. Turn the shower on right before you're ready to get in. 

2. Turn the water off while you brush your teeth. 

3. Make sure your faucets are all the way turned off when you're done.  

4. If you hear your toilet trickling in the night, know that thing might be running a marathon nightly and it's likely time to investigate and fix that ish.  

Overall, think of potable water as a finite global resource (That sounds like a big deal because it is.)


Continually Overcommitting Yourself

How many times have you looked up in the middle of the month and thought "I don't even have time to breathe the rest of this month!"  Do you then guiltily and hopefully proceed to schedule all your missed encounters with friends, to do list items, etc. for the very next month?  

In the words of John Legend, you're doooing it agaaaain.

3 Ways To Be More Mindful 

1. Learn to swap your response to social requests, new commitments, etc. from "Let's do it!  Of course!"  to "I'd love to do that with you sometime!  Let me make sure that's a good day and get back with you tomorrow."

 2. Allow yourself to feel the shitty feeling of having committed yourself to so many activities you can't breathe.  Don't push it away.  Just feel it.  Now, consider how you can make next month better by putting a cap on your scheduling.

3. Schedule the non-optional items first, then set some limits.  Whether it's a nightly cutoff (i.e. I need to be home by 9.), a monthly cap (At least one weekend a month, I won't schedule a damn thing, but just allow myself go flow) or an activity-free time (i.e. I have commitment-free quiet time at home every Sunday from 4 pm to bedtime), you can create space for yourself to reset. 



Chances are if you're doing more than one activity at once, you're not doing all (or maybe any of them) very well.  This may not show up immediately, but it will later...in the form of missed commitments, lost items, convos with love ones on feeling disconnected from you.

2 Ways to Be More Mindful

1. Take a quiet moment and think of every activity you do as a car that has to start and stop.  Now imagine that when you're texting, driving, talking to your friend on Bluetooth and navigating to a restaurant for dinner that you're running around a parking lot starting and stopping cars.  That's too much sauce.

2. Cellular phones are the instrument of the multitasking diety, so put down the phone every now & then and look around while you're at the car wash, sitting in your living room, etc.  Take everything else in around you that's going on.  This will help you be more aware.

Eating When You're Thirsty

Depending on how your body operates (or how well you know your body), feeling hungry & thirsty can be about the same to you.  So, it's no surprise some of us habitually eat when what we really need is to drink (water, not libations, you.) 

1 Way To Be More Mindful 

1. Have a glass of water before every meal.  And make it a room temp to warm glass of water at that.  It'll address your thirst right quick so you don't overeat during your meal. 


Let is know how these tips work for you.  Namaste y'all.



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