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Why Massage Therapy May Give You Life

Why Massage Therapy May Give You Life

Lay your head on my pillow….

…and just relax, relax, relax.


In January 2016 my friend gifted me with a $100 gift card to a popular spa.  


 I went once and had my mind made up that I was NOT getting a membership. I did not want to get sucked into another subscription.

I failed. 

They got me.

My massage therapist did such an amazing job, I convinced myself that getting a massage subscription was worth the money. 

Some financial advisors may disagree, but their body is not my body.


When I run for long distances, my body hurts in more places than you can imagine.  I am sure some would say that stretching could fix that, but I have been running for years now and trust me, I stretch.

Everyone has different reasons why they receive massage therapy.  I go to relieve pain, discomfort and soreness from working out.


Massage Therapy is worth the money to me because it's relaxes you, gets rid of soreness, and makes time for you to do nothing else but be silent and spend time with yourself. Self care is absolutely important.


Even though I have a membership I do not go every month; sometimes I want a massage and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I NEED one and sometimes I don’t.

You don’t have to get a membership but you may never know if you’ll want one until you start going.


I feel better right after every single massage therapy appointment. I feel refreshed and like my body has been reset so it can conquer its next challenge. If you are on the fence about massage therapy but you have one of the needs listed below then it’s worth a try.


Back pain


Muscle Soreness

Tension Release

Mental Stress

Injury Recovery

Anxiety Relief

Swelling Reduction 

…and many more!


Try it out and let me know what you think.  Happy Relaxation!


 - Keriki

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Sage Society | Tracee Ellis Ross

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