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Sage Society | Sophia Roe

Sage Society | Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe is a chef like none you’ve ever met before.

She’s thorough.  A treasure trove for delicious plant-based recipes and information on every level of holistic wellness.

She’s a bombshell.  Adorned in gorgeous tattoos, a sea of natural curls and a beautiful aura.

She ain’t playin.  Think of that one cousin you have who will NOT sugarcoat a thing for you regardless of how your feelings might be hurt.  Why?  Because it’s good for you.

 If you spend just 4 minutes looking through her Instagram videos you’ll have time to be enlightened on a health habit you need to improve, told in an easy-to-follow format how you can fix it, learn the name and amazing benefits of about 3 herbs or oils you had no idea existed on earth or were fit for human consumption and shortly thereafter be on your way to Whole Foods trying to catch them all like damn Pokémon.

I learned:

1.    I need to be drinking chlorophyll.

2.    I can amp up my energy at the start of the week with a nutrient-packed health tonic.

3.    What I can do to decrease the impact of jet-lag, in-flight breakouts and travel-related illness and discomfort.

4.    That natural sugar in fruit ain’t the enemy y’all.  At all.

5.    My excuses about not having time to make nutritious meals are just that…excuses.

Something like Madea said about herself, stay with Sophia…she’s going to bless you.


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