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Create Your Sacred Space

Create Your Sacred Space

Not only making time but also making space to facilitate rest, a feeling of safety and the ability to rejuvenate is essential to our daily wellness.

You probably already do this subconsciously when you take a lunch break in your car, spend a little extra time in the warmth of the shower or decidedly do nothing but Netflix and chill.

Defining your sacred space can not only make for quality time spent revitalizing, but it can also improve the quality of all the other moments of your life.


What do I do in this space?

Spend time and energy doing the things that revive you and make you feel truly well.  Some ideas are:


Creating Art

Playing an Instrument



Breathwork / Intentional Breathing

Reading of Sacred/Inspirational Texts

Reciting Mantras

Listening to Relaxing Music



Sitting in Silence


Where should it be?

A spare room

A corner in your bedroom

In front of your bedside table

The closet

You can even make it portable with a box you can carry with you/bring out when you're ready to unwind.  Fill it with some of the materials below.


What should my sacred space look like?

The goal in the aesthetics of your sacred space is to center and inspire you.  I find that candles, incense, neutral colors and flowers and items from my travels do this for me.  I also keep my journal and yoga mat nearby.  Here's some inspiration:


Do I really need this?

You tell me.  Take this quick survey and see how you feel afterward.

Do you feel you're operating at your absolute best?

Do you feel you have a safe space?

When was the last time you sat in silence and paid attention to your thoughts?

When was the last time you reviewed your goals?

Do you have space in your mind and body to receive the things you're asking / praying for?


If you see opportunity for improvement in any of these areas, then having a sacred space can be a catalyst for you to be your best self.

Try it and let me know what it does for you.


Namaste Y’all,


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