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Flawlessly Plan a Trip to Cancun

Flawlessly Plan a Trip to Cancun

1. Figure out who's going, when you're going, and who will be in charge of booking all travel.

Just transfer the funds to a separate account so that you all can keep track of money spent; trust me it is so much easier when one person is doing all of the booking for a small group of people.

2. Do your research on different travel sites to compare whether you should fly together or separately, get an Air BnB or an all-inclusive resort, or if you need a rental car, bicycles, or a driver.

For my trip to Cancun I decided to get an Air BnB, rent a car, and use bicycles so that I have more funds left over to explore both sights and lots of cuisine, because I am a foodie!

3. Book all of your travel really early so that you can get the best deals. Use websites like Expedia or Priceline to get the absolute BEST deals on travel!

4. Research all of the fun and interesting sights that you want to see or activities that you want to do once you arrive.

5. Ensure your passport is up to date and that you have all required identification prior to travel.

6. Determine how much money you will be spending on the trip, tipping is welcomed in Cancun.

7. Ensure that you have all shots necessary for traveling to Mexico. Ask your doctor which vaccinations you will need for travel to Cancun. They will have the most updated list for you.

8. Download an app that will help you brush up on your Spanish. Duolingo is my favorite and I get notifications everyday reminding me that I need to spend time learning Spanish every day.

Below are some tips from Wandershare that will definitely help you as you begin to plan your travel to paradise!

I am sure that you are going to have as much fun as I'm going to have and maybe even more! I'll definitely follow up with another post telling you what you must do in Cancun (when I return).

- Keriki

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