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Food for Your Mood: Mint

Food for Your Mood: Mint

Feeling some type of way?  Mother Nature's medicine cabinet has you covered.


Two words.  AUNT.  FLO.




Headaches, cramps, bloating; peppermint combats it ALL. The leafy green is a natural muscle spasm suppressant (or antispasmodic).  It also has numbing properties which can dull your pain naturally.  So, peppermint is your one-stop-shop for wellness during that time of the month.  

For best results, I recommend starting to make use of peppermint a day or so prior to when your cycle usually starts.



Peppermint essential oil [Rub on your  temples, stomach or wherever you feel pain.  Only use a small amount; the stuff is STRONG!]  Comes in a small container so it's easy to carry around and travel with!

Drink it as tea.  I love Teavana's Moroccan Mint.

In a pinch, have a piece of peppermint candy.



I'm super excited to try this simple and delicious-looking Paleo Thai Mint Chicken Recipe from Sweet C's Designs.

Paleo Thai Mint Chicken

2 6 oz chicken breasts, diced

1 red bell pepper, diced

1/2 spaghetti squash (about 2 cups), cooked

1 tbsp garlic, diced

1 tsp (about 1 fresh stem) of mint

1 tsp liquid aminos or clean asian dressing

1 tsp red pepper flakes


1.   Heat pan on high until hot.

2.   Add 1 drop olive oil and swirl around pan. This is just to add a tiny amount of oil, without adding calories.

3.   Add chicken, toss frequently to prevent sticking and let it brown evenly- about 6 minutes.

4.   When chicken has browned on all sides, add peppers and brown- about 5 minutes.

5.   Add spaghetti squash, seasonings, coconut aminos or dressing and mint.

6.   Cook for 3 minutes, until food has a chance to absorb all spices and get a little more brown.

7.   Plate and enjoy! ½ recipe is one serving.


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