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Yogi Inspiration via Instagram

Yogi Inspiration via Instagram

So many of us want to do yoga soooooooo badly but why is it that we can't just lie down, sit down, stand up on this damn yoga mat and just get to it? Just why?


I have an on again off again relationship with Mr. Yoga and I really want to go steady for the rest of my life; I just have no idea why I start and then I stop. This probably has some type of correlation with my life in general.




So excited.


So excited.


Same old story.


Getting bored now.


Really bored now.


Looking for the next move already.




Just stop.


6 months later….




However, I am bound to start again and for real next time. I searched high and low on Instagram for some inspiration and these folks did not disappoint at all.




Now, she's first on the list because she's such an inspiration, going from a "just starting out" yogi to a "now teaches classes and stuff" yogi. Yes! Also, she's my Spelman sister and a fellow healthy eater and nature explorer. This lady is the business and when it comes to yoga, she's amazing at that too!




I just want to know how she gets her body to bend into these shapes. The videos she posts, the photos of her clean eats, and her peaceful poses inspire the hell out of me. I just saw that she's coming to Atlanta in November. Who's going with me?




She's a yoga teacher, a foodie, and a photographer. Her photos are definitely encouraging and they make me want to sign up for a yoga class ASAP. I'm big on building up strength and if yoga will get me there, then I'll definitely start.




I love the beach. I love the idea of doing yoga. If I can master yoga and then do my yoga practice on the beach…..OMG. Kerri always posts amazing photos of her yoga practice (huge inspiration), she has a web page www.beachyogagirl.com and she offers classes in several cities. Follow her for inspiration or to see if she's coming to a city near you.




Naomi is based in Dallas and if my job ever moves me there I'm signing up for her yoga classes immediately. So basically what I'm saying is if you already live in Dallas, get your entire life and sign up. For my friends that live in Dallas, when I visit pencil this into your schedule. We are going. Thanks!




A hip hop yoga studio based in what appears to be Australia has so much going on with their Instagram grid that I immediately followed them. Good food, urban jungle photos, lifestyle photos, yoga poses, nature and the ocean; all the things I love on one Instagram page. Very inspiring if you're looking to live a healthy life!


Just talking about all of this yoga makes me want to go on a yoga retreat somewhere. If you have any suggestions please give me some more inspiration via our Instagram page @fullofsage. Maybe next time I write about yoga inspiration, I'll be the inspiration. Maybe….





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