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Gym Bag Essentials for the Girl Who Loves to Stay Fit and Fresh

Gym Bag Essentials for the Girl Who Loves to Stay Fit and Fresh

I like to work out.


I sweat a lot.


I don't want to be funky after I leave the gym.


So what do I have in my gym bag that aids with my #fitlife and also what's in there that keeps me super fresh pre and post workout? Look below for the info👇


1.Makeup wipes

2.Baby wipes (in case you're against showering at the gym)

3.Hair ties

4.Hair band

5.Sports bra

6.Sports panties (I don’t like to wear these when working out but for those who do)

7.Tank or shirt

8.Yoga tights



11.Jacket if cold

12.Hand towel to wipe sweat

13.Yoga mat


15.Bath towel

16.Shower shoes


18.Shower gel

19.Face wash

20.Dry shampoo


22.Body Lotion

23.Facial moisturizer

24.Extra hair bands

25.Water bottle


….and that's it!


I know it seems like a lot but my gym bag is actually pretty small and I just buy travel size toiletry items.


If you have any other items that you HAVE to have in your gym bag leave a comment under this article on Instagram .

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