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Fat Dragon Chinese Kitchen and Bar

Fat Dragon Chinese Kitchen and Bar

Firecracker Shrimp


Crispy Calamari


Chef’s Stir Fry Ramen (this has bacon:-)


Golden Prawns


Beef Jalapeño Fried Rice


Are you hungry yet?


About a year and a half ago I moved to Richmond, Virginia, by myself, to start a new career.  Moving from Atlanta, Georgia to Richmond was not my first choice of places to live but I took a chance and moved away hoping and praying that I would find things, places, and people that I liked.


Luckily for me, where I lived in Richmond was up and coming and there were a TON of restaurants available for a foodie like me.


I stumbled upon a spot called Fat Dragon Chinese and Kitchen Bar. Such a long name right? But…..once you're inside and you feel the atmosphere it totally made sense. The restaurant is very quaint but very loud just like a bar! There were enough seats so that you could sit at a table and enjoy your dining experience, but there was also tons of standing room at or surrounding the bar so that people could drink and mingle. 


One thing that I appreciated was fast take out order service. I would just walk two blocks down the street, pick my food up, and walk back home. I can't do that where I live now; I have to hop into my car wherever I go…ugh OTP(outside the perimeter)  living.


I miss Fat Dragon and honestly I don't think there's a restaurant near me in Atlanta that reminds me of this one. The food, fast service, and the fun atmosphere are things that they are winning at and I hope they stay in that location forever.


Good job Fat Dragon! I miss your food :-(



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