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Breakfast for People Who Don't Eat Breakfast

Breakfast for People Who Don't Eat Breakfast

Photo Credit: inhabitots.com

Photo Credit: inhabitots.com

“I don’t have time for breakfast.”
“I don’t like ‘breakfast food’.”
"I'm not even hungry in the morning."


These are the grumblings of non-breakfast eaters everywhere. 


I’ve used them all; sometimes all at once.


If one of these gripes belong to you, then consider this: would you ever go 6-8 hours during the day without eating a morsel of food and then start a big project?


Probably not too often. 


So, why would you sleep for that long, give or take a few hours, and then start the huge project of, um, YOUR ENTIRE DAY without nourishing your body at all?


If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, then I have some ideas for what you can eat in the A.M. to fuel your day, no matter what your excuse is.

I don’t have time for breakfast.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be like a family meal scene from Leave It to Beaver every morning.  Technically, you don’t even have to sit down to eat it.  So, if you're short on time, then try these options.


Drink It


Green Juice


Prep It the Night Before

Yogurt Parfait

Overnight Oats


Take It “To Go”

Boiled Eggs + Fruit + Cheese

Pre-Packaged Portable Foods (like a plain Greek yogurt cup with a mini package of trail mix or pre-packaged apples and peanut butter in small "to go" cups)

I don’t like ‘breakfast food.’

It’s 2016.  So, tell me who's going to check you if you don’t have bacon, eggs and pancakes in the morning.  Eat what you want for breakfast!  As long as you're nourished, who cares?


Need inspiration?  Take these cues from cultures around the world who mix it up for breakfast all the time.

I’m not even hungry in the morning.

Then at least drink some water. 

Having water in the morning is instantly replenishing to cells, can give you a jolt of energy and has a host of other benefits.

The easiest way to get it in is having a glass beside your bed to drink immediately when you wake.

If you feel like getting jazzy, try warm water from a kettle or your Keurig with a squeeze of lemon to expedite the detoxing properties of your morning cup.

Believe it or not, there are endless ways to spruce up your morning water.  Add honey for immune system support or or chia seeds for protein/more substance and energy (they're also quite filling.)


Go on and give breakfast a try.  Let us know how it improves your day.  Cheers to your health!


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