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10 Ways to Get Over Winter Holiday Woes

10 Ways to Get Over Winter Holiday Woes

I realized this year that I am a Scrooge and I don't even care. Lol.  




Over it.  


I was so happy when all of the music stopped and the Christmas decorations came down. I have no idea when I became this way but I at one point thought that from Thanksgiving to New Years was my favorite time of year, not anymore.  Maybe I'll get over it one year and indulge like everyone else, maybe I won't, but in the mean time I have come up with 10 ways to get over winter holiday woes..... 


Go on vacation 


Take a trip. Out of town, out of the state, out of the country; wherever you go just go and let go. Let go of all the expectations of how your holidays should go.  Leave it all behind and enjoy yourself.  


Buy all gifts online  


I bought all of my gifts via Amazon and if in the future I decide to travel during the holidays, I will be sending all my gifts directly to everyone's house. Oh what a wonderful feeling it is.   


Start a fun holiday tradition  


On July 4th I ran a 10k and on Thanksgiving Day I ran a half marathon which you can read all about right here. I love this as a possible new holiday tradition because you can take your mind off of the holiday stress and anxiety and focus on something really fun and exciting.  




How can you be a Scrooge when you are helping those in need? You really can't.  Volunteering really makes me appreciate my life and the things that I have and it reminds me that not only do I need to be thankful but that I need to be happy around those who need holiday cheer.   


Coordinate or attend holiday parties  


I have coordinated 2 NYE parties and they were absolutely fun.  Holiday parties with friends can take your mind off of the anxiety and stress you feel on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Spending time with others, whether they are old or new friends, can really help cheer you up around the holidays.  


Give up resentment  


If you are a person where holidays bring about bad memories because of something that may have occurred in the past, find a way to forgive and forget.  If your family usually brings down your holiday cheer, forgive them and go into each holiday with a fresh mindset.  If your boss has ruined your holiday time in the past, lay the ground rules for this year and find ways to turn your holiday around.   


Start a new fitness challenge  


I downloaded a workout that gave me a different WOD every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I had something to look forward to every morning and it was a challenge since I had never done any of those exercises before. The day after Christmas I started a weight lifting challenge which will take me all the way up to my 30th birthday. Challenge accepted. Woes gone.  


Lower your expectations  


If you are feeling the winter woes and you have high expectations in your mind of how things are supposed to happen, STOP IT.  Media, Social Media, Church, School, etc tells you how you are "supposed" to celebrate the holidays but there are no perfect situations, so chill out and relax. If something is meant to happen it will and if it isn't then it won't,  so don't force it.  


Start a DIY project 


This year I made fall wreaths for my mom and my sister. I also made my own hair leave-in conditioner, shampoo, hair mask, etc. I also may design my own dining area (because I am not feeling it right now).  DIY projectsgive you something to do; something to take your mind off of the holiday anxiety and stress. You may even end up making your Christmas gifts for everyone and all of your holiday décor. WHAT? Score! 

Photo Credit: www.fracoisetmoi.com

Photo Credit: www.fracoisetmoi.com


Do nothing


Relax. Take a load off. Read a book. Pop some popcorn and binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Drink Wine. Eat Pizza.  Be completely untraditional during the holidays and chill out. Do absolutely nothing during the winter holidays and release all of your anxiety and stress. You don't have to answer to anyone about why you are not celebrating, just do whatever you want to do and feel better about it year after year.  


Let's get over all of our Winter Holiday woes together. 




- Keriki

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