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Jamaica Dreamin

Jamaica Dreamin

A couple Fridays ago, I was missing Jamaica immensely.

I sat in my window seat on an evening flight I barely made after muscling through an hour of Houston traffic (even cussing at some drivers over mild ass Ray Lamontagne & Philip Selway music, stuff I'd put on with intent of calming my nerves.  That shit very much did not work.)

Now I was sitting on the plane tryna calm my chi, and thinking of how my Jamaica trip this past March left me so serene.

I visited Jamaica for boyfriend’s 27th birthday with a group of 5, feeling very mentally, emotionally and physically spent right before the trip.  

The separation from my everyday life and the vibes the group shared on that trip gave me all I needed and more.  Pure irie. 

In memorium, here are my 5 reminiscings plus travel tips from a first-timer.

1. You don't have to stay where you play.  We landed and stayed in Montego Bay.  Every day but one of our 5 day trip, we left Montego Bay and visited some other part of the island.  This was super cost efficient & easy on the way out of the country, being so close to the airport.

2. Resort who? We stayed in a hotel rather than a resort, which saved us money and was super suitable for our plans of maximizing our exploration time and only needing a clean place to lay our heads.

3. Go where your heart leads you.  And go again.  And again...Our love was definitely Ochos Rios.  We visited about fifty-lem times for Dunns River Falls, Mystic Mountain, Konoko Falls and fooooood.

4. Find you a plug and get off beaten path.  We especially got our lives at Konoko Falls, which came highly recommended from our hired driver (aka The Plug).  It was gorgeous and way less populated than nearby popular Dunns River Falls.  Konoko was also a nature reserve, an outdoor museum, a beautiful lookout point and a bomb ass jerk center and kitchen.  We had the best food and drinks of our trip for the least amount of money and met the best people right here.  We stayed from noon until damn near nightfall and didn't want to leave then.  My point being...grab hold of someone somehow who can tell you where good spots are to eat & vibe out.

5. Give yourself permission to relax & go with some folk who can go with the flow.  Our trip was great because we happened to all be the same kind of chill.  The kind that woke up in the morning and developed the day’s plan on the go. No problem.  For me, that ease was much-needed and was the main source of joy during the trip.


Just writing this article has brought me some peace.  If you've had a peaceful experience in Jamaica, what was it like?



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