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Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles

Oh gosh Ms. Knowles where shall we start? 



You are so damn wise beyond your years; a true talent and a force to be reckoned with.



I see the sage in you and it slays.



You, from the beginning of your career, have always stayed true, original, and different than anyone I'd ever heard and I have loved every bit of it.



I remember singing songs of yours that came on the radio and songs I downloaded on iTunes and some of the homies had no idea you were an artist “too”.  They're late but….we welcome them to the party.



You're a superstar and your latest artwork, because it's more than just an album, is pure fcuking genius.



This album for many African Americans is a statement. Ms. Knowles speaks a lot of truths about things that have happened in her world but the reality of it is that these things happen in our world too.



Here are just a few of the favorite tracks and the lyrics that have stood out for me.



FUBU….this shit is for us.


“Don't feel bad if you can't sing along

Just be glad you got the whole wide world

This us

This shit is from us

Some shit you can't touch”


Cranes in the sky…I don't want to feel those metal clouds


“I ran my credit card bill up

Thought a new dress would make it better

I tried to work it away

But that just made me even sadder”


Mad….I got a lot to be mad about


“I ran into this girl I said I'm tired of explaining

Man, this shit is draining

But I'm not really allowed to be mad”


Don't Wish Me Well…you got to know, I won't let it go


“Look what remains

Pour ashes where they claimed my name

They say I changed

What a pity if I stayed the same

Thinking that everything is funny

But don't say that the jokes on you”



If you want to hear more from Solange Knowles, wake up and download her artwork. Her music is extremely powerful; if you dig deeper you will see how she's dropping loads of knowledge on all of us.



While listening to this album for the first time there was a lot of head nodding from me, indicating that I agreed with a lot of what she is saying; some things I have acknowledged but still struggle to say out loud.






Ms. Knowles.



You're confident.



You're strong.



You're awesome.



You're wise.



You're a teacher.



You’re a wife.



You're a mother.



You're a person trying to live in this world and still be yourself.



Thank you for being so damn sage.




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