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30 Ways to Stay #Unbothered

30 Ways to Stay #Unbothered

So do you ever wonder how some people are able to keep calm when negative situations occur or when people say stuff to them that are very unruly? I decided to share with you ways that these people keep calm and stay #unbothered as fcuk.


1.Worry about yourself

2.Find a hobby

3.Limit social media use

4.Make new friends

5.Go to church


7.Realize every situation doesn't require a reaction

8.Don't allow negativity into your space

9.Understand that you make your own decisions for yourself

10.Practice self control

11.Learn to be at peace with yourself

12.Read your Bible

13.Cherish your alone time



16.Don’t value everyone's opinion

17. Stay focused on your goals

18.Practice silence

19.Only focus on what you can control

20.Deal with your problems immediately

21.Know when to walk away

22.Check yourself

23.Do things that make you happy

24.Try not to blame yourself

25.Forgive others

26.Create a daily affirmation for yourself

27.Believe in yourself

28.Find happiness in yourself

29.Practice being confident and it will come naturally

30.Remember that nothing is permanent


Happy holidays and happy staying #unbothered as fcuk.



Press Play: Cozy

Press Play: Cozy

Radha Beauty

Radha Beauty