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10 Reasons Why You Have to Stretch Your Body

10 Reasons Why You Have to Stretch Your Body

My body feels so tired but apparently I'm too young to feel this way.

In my first job out of college I was on my feet all day and now to this day I am still on my feet all day. I workout 4-6 days every week and 2 of those days include at least a 3 mile run and on Sundays I run long distances over 6 miles. I try to stretch before and after every workout but I know that I'm probably not doing enough.


This is why I need to do yoga.


In trying to figure out what I could do to make my body feel better I decided to educate myself on why I need to stretch and this is what I found out.


Stretching your entire body:


1.Improves Balance

2.Heals Body

3.Prevents Injuries

4.Prevents Headaches

5.Improves Posture

6.Increases Pain Tolerance

7.Increases Flexibility

8.Improves Range of Motion

9.Reduces Stress

10.Reduces Lower Back Pain


Some of my favorite stretches are:


Runner’s lunge stretch

Butterfly stretch

Downward dog

Child’s pose

Ab stretch

Hamstring stretch

Glute stretch

Quad stretch

Calf stretch

Deep squat

Side lunge stretch 


My goal is to feel better after one week of stretching and to continue this as a daily routine. If stretching is going to help me increase flexibility, reduce stress, and get more restful sleep I'm all about it!


Drop me a line and let me know your stretching tips.



Jamaica Dreamin

Jamaica Dreamin

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