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Radha Beauty

Radha Beauty

I want clean skin, soft hands, soft feet, nourished hair, and a room that smells amazing…. 


What more could a girl ask for right? A lot more but for now we will just focus on the aforementioned things. 


A lot of people like me suffer from eczema or other skin conditions and spend all this money on all these prescription ointments and shampoos and creams when we could really just make our own concoctions. Seriously….just why?  


So one day I was trolling Nikisha Brunson’s Instagram page and she talked about making her own eczema cream. I started looking up good oil companies on Amazon that had most of the oils I needed and I came across Radha Beauty. 

Best Essential Oils for Eczema + DIY Eczema Oil🍶 Firstly & most importantly your diet & lifestyle play a huge role in eczema. If your diet is poor and you aren’t getting enough exercise, no topical remedy is going to work. Start with looking into your gut health and making sure you are eating right and taking probiotics to increase healthy gut flora. A great book to get you started is Gut and Psychology Syndrome. Also look into the GAPS diet. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids. There are tons of creams, prescriptions, & steroids out there to treat & heal eczema…but so many of them contain chemicals that aren’t good for you…& may actually worsen the problem, or not promote full healing. 🌱Lavender: antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fungal, calming, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory properties, also encourages healing 🌱Frankincense: anti-inflammatory properties, helps to enhance the oils it’s paired with 🌱Cedarwood: encourages healthy cell production, helps to balance the sebum (natural oil) in your skin 🌱Geranium: antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties 🌱Tea tree: antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, & anti-inflammatory properties, promotes healing & reduces inflammation. 🌱Clove: stimulating, antimicrobial, antiseptic qualities, antibacterial qualities, & a natural anti-inflammatory agent 🌱Rosemary: antibacterial & antiseptic properties 🌱Helichrysum: encourages cell turnover & can aid itching, irritated skin 🌱German Chamomile: anti-inflammatory & soothing properties 🌱Niaouli: can help reduce pain & other discomforts by acting like an anesthetic & numbing the nerves & painful parts. Has antiseptic qualities 🙌🏽Eczema butter recipes: (Feel free to switch up the ingredients) * 20 drops Lavender * 20 drops Cedarwood * 20 drops Frankincense * 1/4 cup shea butter (melted) * 2 tablespoons hemp seed oil and/or apricot oil OR * 20 drops Lavender * 5 drops clove * 5 drops rosemary * 5 drops Niaouli * 20 drops Geranium * 1/4 cup organic coconut oil (melted) * 1/4 cup apricot seed oil 🔸I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs for purchasing any essential oils, carrier oils, & butters. 🔸Contact Doctor if pregnant/nursing. #eczema

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Now I have to be honest, I really only went to their Amazon shop for lavender oil for my diffuser but after receiving and being very happy with my lavender oil, I went on to Radha’s Instagram page and website to see what more they had to offer. 


I ended up going back to their Amazon shop to purchase: 

Aloe Vera Gel to prevent my eczema flare ups 

Shea Butter to make a head to toe moisturizer 

Jojoba Oil for my hair and skin 

Vitamin C Serum for my face 

Eye Gel to prevent bags from forming under my eyes 

Retinol Moisturizer Cream for my face 


I am completely happy with every purchase and I wish I had some before and after pictures to show you how much my face, hair, and skin has changed in a matter of days. There's no more dryness and my hair feels so soft. 



I just added a bunch of other items to my Amazon cart that I can't wait to try: 

Peppermint Oil 

Rosemary Oil 

Dead Sea Mud Mask 

Rosehip Oil 

Eucalyptus Oil 

Hot Cream  

I've never done a product review before but I’m telling you this stuff is amazing and I'm glad I made the choice to explore Radha Beauty! I'm impressed and can't wait to buy more.  


Now if only they made deodorant… 



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