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Resetting The Scale Part I

Resetting The Scale Part I

“Let’s start over.” -Beyoncé
“I said it the last time, but this is the last time.” -John Legend
“Ain’t. No. Tellin. What. I’m. Finna…Be Ooooon!” -Big Baby D.R.A.M.

If art imitates life, then these lyrics are dead ringers for my dieting habits.  Yo-yo is a pretty good description too.

I’ve been a stress eater historically, and Lord knows I’ve been severely stressed lately.  With several major projects and hella travel at work, making a career transition, planning a move to the United States of Texas, starting up our beloved fullofsage and the state of the fcuking Union, my cup, bowl and plate runneth ova!

I’ve also historically found many a legit excuse to eat like crazy or let stress inhibit my health or other such bullshit.  But the way my stomach spilling over my pants is currently set up, something must be done.

This month I started the first of what I plan to be a lifetime of quarterly bodily tune-ups.  

My goal is to maintain a good, moderate diet most of the time (think 80/20 rule) and do this reset at the first of every quarter to help me get back in line when I fall off.

My roommate and I developed and are trying out a first draft of this plan, which goes a little something like this.


Bodily Reset Trial

Day 1-3: Master Cleanse

Day 4-6: Raw food and seafood only

Day 7-9: Seafood, veggies and grains

Day 10-12: Ease back into a "normal" diet during Spelman-Morehouse homecoming which means lots of "normal" alcohol.

This exercise has been extra eventful so far, particularly during the first 3 days (which were somehow simultaneously the haziest and clearest days of my life).  If I were starting this whole thing over today, I'd ease into restriction better and have a better plan to ease out. Nonetheless, we're pushing through!

I'll check in with y'all after this weekend is over and give my better-informed opinion on how to do this thing.

Meanwhile, tell me what you do to reset.  I'd love to hear your ideas and techniques.






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