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8 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Time

8 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Time

Procrastination is a biiiiiiiatch :-/


It is also the story of all our lives.


I was listening to a podcast the other day and in it the speaker stated that we do some of our best thinking when we are doing something else. This is distracting and sometimes makes us completely stop what we're currently doing. 

My most distracting time of the day is in the morning, after the gym and before I get ready for work.  I start doing so many other things like folding clothes, watching television, cleaning the bathroom mirror, putting clothes in the washer, checking social media, responding to texts,  etc.


So how do we stop doing this and start using our time wisely?


1. Use your weekends. Do your chores on the weekend. Trying to fit this into your already busy work week schedule for some can be completely undoable. It can make you late to work, leave your home in more chaos than it already was, and make you skip out on other very important things.

2. Write it down. Buy a calendar and write everything you have to do for the month on it. I’m talking about chores, projects, gym dates, concerts, etc.  Whatever plans you have for the month, just write it down.  This will help you become more organized and no more double booking!

3. Add mobile alerts to your phone.  We are in the age of technology and if you have not embraced it yet then this may be a reason why you are so behind or why you are wasting time doing unnecessary things.  Input your written calendar into your phone and add alerts to each event. Your phone will buzz or make an alert sound letting you know that it’s almost time for a future event.  Hopefully you will get used to this mobile function and never double book or miss an event again.

4. Social media cleansing.  Choose times of the day that you will check your social media accounts (I am still working on this because I check at random times of the day for full of sage).  Social media cleansing can add hours to your day!

5. Go slower. Why are you moving so fast honey? You have 24 hours during the day. 8 of those is work. 8 of those is sleep. That leaves you with 8! Come on, now. We just all need to use this time a little more wisely. 

6. Choose a stopping time. If you are working on projects or chores give yourself a stopping time.  This ensures optimal use of your time and will allow you to give yourself a dang break. 

7. Give yourself some time for distractions. I’m all about leisure time.  I think you absolutely need time for rest. Netflix. Hulu. You Tube. Dancing. Whatever your fancy, just give yourself some time to do it.

8. Focus on only important things.  If it’s not important to you, then don’t do it.  Doing otherwise is absolutely a waste of your time, because it really positively affects you in no way.

We all need to improve our relationships with ourselves and improve our relationship with time so that we can live our best lives.


Photo Credit: society6.com


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